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  • Macadamia Chicken Salad
    Light, delicious and nutty Macadamia Chicken Salad The macadamia chicken salad is simple, healthy and quick to make. It is easy to prepare. Whether for a buffet, as a side dish, as a barbecue salad or meal prep - it always fits. And why is that? Because nutty puts you in a good mood. WHAT more
  • Vegetable couscous with chickpeas
    Exotic spices against the winter blues Vegetable couscous with chickpeas With refined spices and flavours, the couscous-vegetable pan from Levantine cuisine conquers our taste buds. At the same time, the meatless meal provides a lot of iron. The trace element is responsible for the formation of red blood cells and ensures more vitality. A dish more
  • Red cabbage and pear salad
    The nutty starter of a special kind Red Cabbage Pear Salad with Macadamia Dressing Are you expecting guests and looking for a recipe idea for the starter? Then we have just the thing for you: red cabbage and pear salad with macadamia dressing. This recipe takes the classic starter salad to a new level: Fruity more